The Architecture

The team of SARL Thomas Formont – Tom Création, regularly works in collaboration with architects on new constructions or house and villa renovations.

We are commissioned for house extensions, carports, exterior sidings, property limitations with fences and modern or traditional gates.

We do exterior decorative structures, furniture, Venitian blinds and awnings as well as sliding shutters and guardrails.

We are often employed for high quality projects involving fabrication and installation of metal joinery. On these occasions, we use very thin thermal break carrier rails like Jansen Janisol Arte, Fineline by RP Technik and Secco Sistemi.

We also make 19th century style green houses and winter gardens using either traditional or thermal break carrier rails and double glazing.

These are works that are about outer casings or property layout.

That is why we use the latest digital software for certain tasks. We use 3D modelling for our works thanks to Solidworks software which is compatible with modern machinery like laser cutting, water jet cutting, machining centre, milling machines, folding machine etc..

Our young and dynamic team is very involved in the projects supervision.

Our partners really appreciate our working spirit of 21st century crafts people, a certain idea of entreprise that we hold close to our hearts.